Soldiers, police women, nurses and students wearing uniforms are attractive to watch. It's become a fetish to connect uniforms with beautiful women that are adored as sex trophies. Everybody dreams about a one-night stand with a leggy flight attendant or tender attention from a hospital nurse or being arrested and raped by a police women. What is your uniform fetish?


Real porn can be very rude, offending and illegal in some countries. That's why we have softcore, a form of porn that doesn't show all details. As a result it seems to be more tasteful. In many cases softcore has become a synonym for nudity rather than pornography. Let's have a look at softcore blogs.


Manual relief can be way more erotic than real sex. Many men have dicks so short they just don't fit inside a vagina. Handjobs are their only salvation for sexual interaction with women. You won't believe how happy a guy can become after a nude massage is concluded with a couple of firm strokes up and down the towering shaft.


Did you know: most pornstars and adult models from the Czech Republic are smoking cigarettes. Your better get used to kissing ashtrays if you wanna share the bed with a tight and open minded pornstar babe. On the contrary it's rather exciting to have them share their time between giving head and smoking. Hot tobacco will give generate smoked dick that will become a delicacy they will wanna chew again.


Skinny models are ruling the fashion world, but how about adult biz? Spinners are very rare to find. Even among international pornstars it's extremely hard to find petites. Of course there are great places to find them online. Explore the attraction of skinny nudes.

For Women

Porn for women looks slightly different than consumer smut for gents, of course. Naturally, it's more erotic and sensual. It covers dark desires as much as lust. However, it's more respectful and less ridiculous than staged filth.


Women can be big and beautiful at the same time. Large dimensions speak for strength and lust at the same time. Chubby with big breasts and curvy along their hips has been erotic ever since Dutch painter Rubens made them the object of his erotic art works back in the day. He even cut off his ear to prove his love to a chubby prostitute.


Grafenberg and other scientists always wondered if women do have soemthing that compares to a male orgasm. It does. After sufficient g-spot stimulation and similar exhaustive intercourse women are able to come to multiple orgasms. They result in spastic relaxation leading to lactation aka as squirting. Guys, it's a gift to find a squirting girlfriend.

Party Sex

Rich women get together to read history books. They read about the first orgies in history when emperor Gaius Julius Caesar rewarded his best soldiers with gloriuos sex parties. They invite handsome guys, professional athletes and guys known for having big stamina into venues designed to host orgulous sex parties. They are proud hosts.


Simple nudes as well as implied nudity pictures are still the most erotic material. They are neither pornographic not lewd in nature. Yet, the niche is exploited by porn spammers who wanna make a penny from whatever they can. Don't be fooled by marketing and look for natural nudes.


Ever since Marilyn Monroe posed naked we all know blondes are more fun. Blondes love to be naughty and stuff their pussy with toys and boyfriends' penises, don't they? The blonder the hotter chicks are. Of course most of them are shaved under their panty if they ever wear any.

Asian Girls

Hands down: Asians are the most desirable women on planet Earth. They are slim and slender, devoted to their lovers and obedient at all time. That all guarded by a cloud of mystery and romance. Japanese women are perfectly beautiful and Pilipinas the most exotic breed with Americanized attitude.


This is the overflow of adult blogs where stuff gets listed that won't fit into any other niche. It's pretty different and some may require perverted fantasies to understand in full. Enjoy the dark side of love and romance.


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Are you blessed with a girlfriend who knows how to give head? Receiving sophisticated oral sex is the finest experience a man can appreciate. It's better than sex and let's be honest: we all dream about having our penis treated the way we dream about. From tender BBBJ to ejaculation inside her mouth, we love her just for that.


Ever heard of Shane Diesel? Imagine an army of guys like him. Tales about well hung guys suggest they are very lucky with girls who starve for them. They have more women (or guys) who feel attracted to them and it's easy to become a pornstar with a big cock between your legs. Of course this thing can be trained to get bigger.


They are worth staring at: large female breasts. When you get observed staring downblouse a busty waitress or sales woman, they won't even say anything. It's natural. That's the best way, when boobs are big naturals and not enhanced. The feeling of holding them and watching them bounce around while you shagg with a busty woman is awesome.


When the plumber rings on your door and you are at work your wife will open. Imagine the plumber being handsome with a camcorder. Do you think your wife will have sex with him? Well, that's why thay call it reality porn. Because you are a sucker. Plumbers and pizza delivery boys are the guys who have more fun with your wife. It's truly reality porn.


Upskirt and downblouse photos and videos are easier to shoot these days with mobile phones and tablets, but back a few years ago voyeurs would get into serious trouble when caught. It's nice to see some of that ols voyeur stuff as long as it is real. And don't forget about Google Earth cams who catch people in the middel of cheating acts.

Adult Movies

Gonzo style entertainment with adult videos on the desktop while having your pants pulled down, one hand on the beer bottle, another one on the mouse and your girlfriend under the table giving you a blowjob. Damn, do you have a girlfriend? How did you get off if both of your hands were busy with beer and mouse?


The forbidden and dirty act of anal sex is always been a way for women to control their men. Are they willing to let them use the backdoor? Do they enjoy it or does it really hurt them? The truth is: we will never know until we see some real slut and hookers take it and ask for more from bigger guys. Assgrabbing interesting.

Phone Sex

Late night television spots are plastered with numbers of female phone sex services who talk and talk about erotic fantasies. Some is pretty good entertainment, but you may also wanna date those phone operators. Some are amazingly attractive women with sensual desires.

Big Ass

Honestly, a fine ass is more attractive than a pretty face. Round and curvy with a crack to hide your hand inside would be the most perfect butt in erotic fantasies. Let's see some serious booty without prejudice.


Hot temper, curvy asses and insatiable libido are trademarks of Latinas. The way they talk to men and look at them increases penis size, tremendously. Thus they are the best girls between sheets. Just don't cheat on them or they will kill you just like that. Colombians and Brazilian women love anal sex.

Erotic Stories

Erotic fantasies don't always require images or motion pictures to become viable. Dirty minds may find written and narrated stories more intense in projecting sensuality when it is more seductive and arousing. Close your eyes and let your mind fill the gaps between first dating a woman and finally seducing her during a hot night of intense love making.


Sensual adventures between two or more horny women is one of the most arousing sexual fantasies, every. Many girls feel tempted to try out same sex explorations, simple because they don't consider it cheating on their boyfriends. Naturally, women are very close to each other. One thing leads to another once the first indecent touch is perceived without rejection.

Feet and Legs

Endless legs from heels to buttox are smooth incentives to look at sexy women. The longer the better. Athletes have some of the best body control for providing foot jobs. Care for throbbing from a gymnast, kickboxer or body builder, today?

Erotica Blogs

For most pornography is over exposed sexuality with women reduced to slippery vaginas. Erotica is more sensual and natural. It presents nude women as adorable and very sensual angels who are worth courting for their feminine and caring ways.

Sexy Single Moms

When single mothers grow older and get rid of their husbands by way of divorce they still have insatiable appetite for sexual adventures. Experienced between sheets and they give the best blowjobs one can imagine. Cougars love to have sex with everybody for the sake of fun. They are horny beyond belief.

Ebony Girls

The lure of exotic lust and their sheer beauty makes dark skinned woman be one of the most adored species of babes on this planet. While they come in all shapes and sizes ebony babes are adored for their round butts and chests as they come out slightly bigger than lighter shades of grey.

Interracial Sex

From Blackzilla to Shane Diesel. When we talk interracial we love to see slutty white women, slightly worn out and willing to do anything, mixing it up with well hung, high performance atheletes of afro-american ethnic descent. For some reason they make great lovers just as they are good at playing basketball or boxing.

Solo Girls

Are you a one-girl fan? A hot single chick is all most guys ever want. Finding that babe and panty sniffing thru her dirty clothes can be very interesting. Let's look for that hot online geek who shows her pussy on her personal website and interacts with us like a girlfriend.

Mature Women

The erotic fantasy of having a sexual experience with an older woman starts in school when boys dream about getting married to their teachers. The attraction to older women stays an eternal affair with many guys. Have you ever had sex with a granny or stepmom? Hmmm, try out.


Fertilized women who show first signs of pregnancy are the most beautiful women on the face of this planet. Boobs grow bigger and curves gain slightly at first. Husbands know pregnant women have an insatible hunger for sex as they are lubed by nature. Imagine that.


When people turn 18 they become adults, legally. In essence they can do whatever they want, like going party and posing naked for photographers and playing parts in movies. Now, they are called legal teens, because aged 18 or 19 is still crispy duck time with fun, fun and more fun.


Long pubes make women look more innocent, less sexually active and therefore the target for guys who want to keep a woman just to themselves. The scent of unshaven vagina can be intense, warm and very exciting. You gotta have her as your new conquest.

Nude Babes

Beautiful women with adorable faces and toned physiques are best known as "babes". Of course they know about being attractive. That is what makes them explore porn. And if they do porn they are sluts. So: babes are sluts. Don't we love them just for their cunt?


Most people won't know the difference when they meet a truely beautiful tranny: boy or girl? Both that is. You get the best of both worlds. And no, you are not gay when you have a sexual relationship with a shemale. You are just a curious pervert.


Bang, bang: blowjob and slide the hammer into the pussy. Repeat as many times as possible. And why not share a slut with brothers for explicit sex. Hardcore is the real thing to blog about. Good exercise, too.

Fetish and Bukkake

Fetish and BDSM are mistaken by many adult bloggers and fans. We are so sorry for the confusion. It does take a lot of time to find the true meaning and make it a fetish for yourself. In the worst case one may always stick with Bukkake or similar.


Possibly the best way of online dating is by chatting up camgirls in their private rooms and showing generosity. Compare a private chat with a dinner date. You happen to see her sex skills on top of that. And maybe a date and a girlfriend for good sexcapades. Camming babes are fun and open minded.

Bit of Everything

We perverts have a drawer for every niche, but some things and behaviour are so bad ass they won't fit into any category like sex with sitters, hookers and Latinas with small asses or dvd reviews. Or how about ugly bitches?


Dominant chicks can make every man cum without taking off their clothes. Their sex skills are superbly controlling the guy's mind. Guys, you need to try this out. You will love it and you won't even need to have sex.

Public sex and nudity

Nudity in places where everybody can be seen. That is rare and some people find it offensive because they are to ugly to compete or because they are still living 200 years back. Let's join modern age and watch naked chicks parading sidewalks and beach strips.


Man loves man. That is erotic when both partners have exotic sex appeal, no matter observers are homosexual themselves or not. And they are charming like hell. Some guys love to try out fucking another man, but they dunno how. Read about here and find out about your own gayness.


Amateurs just make one or two gigs in the nude, but porn stars have sex online for the sake of unstoppable passion for exhibition and hunger for lusty sex. Most famous adult actresses look hotter than mainstream movie actresses and pop singers. The good thing: we always see them nude.

Pantyhose & Stockings

Sexy legs look great. Secretaries, nurses and other uniformed professional females wear nylons or pantyhoses during their work to hide their sex appeal. That comes back once they take off their uniform and get to work on their lengthy underwear. Man, that looks so silky!


Before websites discovered revenge photos of broken-up girlfriends nude pictures of first time posers were called "amateurs". The internet is still full of sexually inviting photos of woman who just posed for nudes one or two times in their lives. We are thirsty for more and more of them.


Most guys will agree: the most erotic moment during a sexual encounter with a moment is when she takes off her undies, slowly. Or, when she does not mind the guys taking off her panty. Either way, those cotton items are valuable collectibles, aren't they?